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Architects & Designers

Architects & DesignersIncreasingly sophisticated home automation requires specific professional input in several important areas:


Equipment to support your client’s requests will need to be factored into your design.

<expandable>The support systems behind integrated home automation technology may require substantial space allocation. By understanding the size and scope of centralized equipment racks, this requirement can properly be incorporated into preliminary floorplans.

Custom millwork can account for a large portion of budget, and physical requirements for specified equipment must be also be taken into consideration prior to issuing final drawings.</expandable>


Generated heat is substantial and cannot be ignored.

<expandable>Each component of an integrated system requires a specific ambient air temperature in order to perform at an optimal level. If inadequate provision is made for appropriate heat dissipation, the system will experience less-than-optimal performance; unreliable operation; equipment failure; and in the worst case scenario, may even result in a fire!</expandable>


Integrated technology has specific electrical requirements.

<expandable>Without proper electrical provisions the home automation system may not be safe or may not work reliably.

Automated lighting systems often have a different wiring topology than traditional lighting; a typical electrical contractor may not have the appropriate knowledge or expertise.

Consideration must be given to proper power supply delivery throughout the automated system. This is particularly important for high-end media rooms, music/video distribution systems, access control and security systems.</expandable>

Our goal is to help you fully understand the decisions to be made during the design process in order to facilitate integration of your clients’ home technology requests. By including Interactive Living as part of your consulting team, you can be confident that all the challenges will be properly addressed. This enables you to maintain the integrity of your design, and to avoid the time and cost of retroactive changes.

Interactive Living Inc. provides the professional consultation, design expertise and experience necessary to help you include proper provisions for successful technology integration. We make this process simple by:

  • Providing a clear and comprehensive evaluation and project specification of the necessary electrical, spatial, thermal and overall architectural design provisions required to ensure seamless integration.
  • We act as the "go to" person for on-site consultation, inspections and sign-off, and technical support.
  • Qualifying the work. At present there are few industry standards to ensure that home technology systems are installed well and will work reliably into the future; still fewer firms that follow what standards do exist. Providing a professionally designed system and ensuring the plan is followed to industry standards ensures a proper installation and a satisfied client.

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