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Home Owners

Home Owners

Shop Smart - and Save Money!

Whether you are planning updates to your existing home, or considering a new or custom built home, Interactive Living can help you shop smart and save money! As an established and reputable full-service home technology company, and supplier/installer of integrated technology systems, we provide professional services and results that allow you to move forward with confidence.

Updating your existing home:

Move forward with confidence! Our professional design and implementation of your upgrade program allows us to provide you with a fixed price contract for the installation of the home technology system we’ve designed for you.

Buying a newly-constructed home:

Depending on the level of completion of the home under construction, we can liaise with the Builder regarding your preferences and help them to understand and provide for the appropriate requirements.

Our expertise will help keep costs to a minimum, and our professional installation will ensure that your system performs as planned.

Building a custom home:

We have extensive experience and demonstrated expertise in working with Architects and Designers to blend state-of-the-art technology with appealing design.

Testimonials from our Architect clients demonstrate the value of our professional consultation services in properly addressing the spatial, thermal and electrical requirements for today’s increasingly sophisticated home automation systems.

In addition, use of our full-service technology team to install your home technology ensures that your project is completed on time and within budget; and will perform as planned.